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K-Pop - The Greatest Genre Of Music

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Oh boy, where do I begin? Ever since I randomly came across "Gee" by Girls' Generation around the end of the 2010 year, I've been absolutely fascinated with the South Korean Pop Scene. Since the first few verses of "Gee" were in English, I thought to myself "Cool, another group in the US just came out. I guess I won't mind giving them a quick listen". Eventually, they started singing in Korean, and I was like "Wow. I don't know what this is, but I like it."

Afterwards, I ended up checking their then newest releases, which were "Genie (Tell Me Your Wish)" and "Run Devil Run" (Originally sung by Keisha) (I know! This was WAY back then). I really was amazed with the production of the Music Videos and the mixing/mastering of the soundtracks, something I thought was lacking with most Pop Groups in the USA, at least back then (though currently, they have made great improvements in catching up). I also find K-Pop more "catchy" and "sing-able", with great hooks, interesting chord progressions (their biggest asset), and memorable lines , along with GREAT choreography in the music videos.

I ended up perusing through many other great K-Pop artists: Most notably, 2pm (I still, to this day, want to learn the "I'll Be Back" dance, with that backwards runningman. I'll have to hit up JYP sometime), EXO, Girl's Day, Shinee, Red Velvet, AOA, BlackPink ("How You Like That?" got over 80 million views in under 24hrs!), 4 Minute, APink, and many more. I also like the Korean Rap Scene as well: Zico is great, as well as Mad Clown, Grazy Grace, Jessie, and others. There are SO many K-Pop groups! It's like the Pokémon of Music. When I eventually found out that there were so many groups, my first thoughts were "Dang. All we had was The Back Street Boys, NSYNC, 98 degrees (I'm old, I know), Destiny's Child, the Dixie Chicks, and that's about it!"

Another thing to mention about the South Korean Media Scene-They have great everything! Their Variety Shows (like Running Man) are so interesting and different than stuff shown in the states, and K-Drama's are the best (I've seen like 35 of them)! I never thought I would be interested in melodrama's, but K-Dramas proved me wrong. I find the dramas pretty innovative and fresh, which makes them easy to watch. Some K-pop idols also do Dramas from time to time, and some of them are really great actors, as well as performers (like IU in "Hotel Del Luna" or Nana in "Kill It"). Some of my favorites are "IRIS", "Secret Garden", "Defendant" (with Yuri from SNSD), "Squad 38", and "The K2" (with Yoona from SNSD).

Some of K-Pop's music producers are overwhelmingly talented. JYP is a singer, songwriter, producer, actor, musician, and CEO of one of the big three music agencies in South Korea (anything else?).

Let's not forget to mention all the drama those netizens (Korean Paparazzi) cause, which always makes it on Koreaboo. I am not ashamed to admit that Koreaboo has the most exciting news I have ever read in any publication (and I am not too fond of reading). There's always something going on with my bias, Jisoo (BlackPink), or some trouble some pop group is causing.

I really like the fact that, since Psy got popular worldwide, K-Pop has become more mainstream in the USA (I was utterly amazed to hear "Gangnam Style" on my car radio in Texas!). BTS has also paved the way for K-Pop, with multiple hits and guest appearances on American Programs. I am really digging all the collaborations between K-Pop and American Pop artists. These are the most exciting times to be alive, really.

I hope one day to become popular enough that I get invited to hang out with some idols (I would not even mind chilling out with WASSUP). My top five picks for hang-out buddies would undoubtedly be: 1) Tiffany (SNSD), 2) Jisoo (BlackPink), 3)Somi (Currently Solo), 4) Hyomin (formerly T-ara), 5) Nick (2pm). Honorable mentions include the following: Rose (BlackPink), JYP, any member from EVERGLOW, and Sorn (CLC). When Mr. Popo hanged with WASSUP, they seemed like a good group of chaps, so heck, them too I would like to become friends with.

I could go on and on about the wonders of South Korea, but, alas, I will stop here. Hopefully, when my Paper get's PUBLISHED on The Secular Web (around mid August) that will boost my publicity enough (along with this online blog I am doing) where more opportunities will become apparent, and I can make some connections to hitch a ride to South Korea! I really want to see Somi and her Dad (who was on "Descendants Of The Sun", a very popular Korean Drama). Well, that's all for now! Tata!

(Note: Photo from HYPE. Used with permission from Justin Tan, Editor for HYPE). Website:

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